Hayfever Kenalog Injection: Everything You Need To Know About Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

  • Hayfever Kenalog Injection: Everything You Need To Know About Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

    Thursday, February 16th, 2023

    Approximately 16 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever. Some of those sufferers opt for a yearly hay fever injection to relieve them from seasonal allergies. But is it safe? And more importantly, should you take it?


    What Is Hay Fever?


    Hay fever, also referred to as seasonal allergic rhinitis or seasonal allergies, is an allergic response caused by pollen. The allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to pollen(allergens) and releases chemicals into the bloodstream to defend against those allergens. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is common during the summer and spring months.


    How Is Hay Fever Diagnosed?


    Diagnosing hay fever is relatively easy because the symptoms recur if you are exposed to an allergen.

    To diagnose hay fever, a doctor will inquire about your symptoms and how often they appear. He/she will then make a diagnosis based on your symptoms and physical exam. After a proper diagnosis, the doctor will inject Kenalog around your buttock if an injection is necessary. However, if you need further examination, you will be referred to an allergist for allergy skin tests or blood tests.


    Hay Fever Injection


    What Are the Benefits of Hay Fever Kenalog Injection?


    • You need only one hay fever injection.

    • You will not need to take your medication daily.

    • It will ease your symptoms for the entire hay fever season.

    • No more sick days
    • Safer on roads especially if your nature of the job is transportation, courier etc.

    • No more missing on outdoor activities during the summer months


    What Are the Side Effects of Hay Fever Injection?


    Just like other medications, hay fever injection has its side effects too. This is why the injection is recommended to those suffering from severe hay fever and individuals whose seasonal allergies cannot be managed through medication alone. Some side effects associated with the Kenalog injection in fever number of people include:

    • Redness at the injection side

    • Headache, dizziness, and stomachache

    • Weight fluctuations

    • Heart problems and blood pressure

    • Very rarely psychological problems


    Who Is Not Eligible For A Hay Fever Injection?


    You are recommended not to take the Kenalog hay fever injection if:

    • You have osteoporosis

    • You suffer from glaucoma

    • You have high blood pressure, heart problems, or diabetes

    • You are taking medications that can interfere with the injection

    • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding


    How Can You Manage Hay Fever?


    You can relieve hay fever symptoms by using antihistamines and by avoiding allergic triggers. To manage hay fever;


    • Apply an allergen balm around your nostrils to block and trap pollens.

    • Check pollen forecasts daily and avoid going outdoors when the count is high.

    • If you go outdoors during high pollen days, wash your hair and shower after arriving home.

    • For complete relief during the hay fever season, get the Kenalog hay fever injection.

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